Monday, October 25, 2010

Second Place.

Yesterday i went to Philadelphia, Philly. I sware that its one of the most amazing places i've been to. It might be the smelliest city but its one of the few places i could acutally see myself living. Philly= <3
Some one drum roll, pull out the ominese music because i'm about to build up suspense. Are you ready? I found my twin! Joey. Joey from Dawsons creek. You'll see me refer to this show alot. Because it is what i am. I'm joey. I'm the girls who guys are friends with but never date. Yet somehow it all sums up to this big romantic mess. Because i tell someone in paticular"Listen to me: If we are truly meant to be, then we will find our way back to each other". It's as simple as that. Because i'm too much of a joey to not scream it.
Another thing, joey had dawson. i dont have a dawson or a pacey. All i have is me. I dont have anything close to a dawson. And that scares me

All i know is I'm young. People tell me i have a whole life-time to live. But they dont remind you that you only have one life to live. And thats the part im focused on.

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