Monday, November 1, 2010

New Orleans Baby

I've decided I'm either moving to Florida or New Orleans next year for college. So that being said i wanna do post about those paths. And the first one of these "Future-Paths" starts on Bourbon street!
Kind of a random place to pick huh? Considering I've never been. But any place called the "The Big Easy" is certainly home for me. And besides Louisiana is in the shape of a boot, and i LOVE BOOTS!! All jokes aside, i do have some legitimate excuses for wanting to move to the NOLA. My back-up plan for college is to join the peace corps. My hopeful plan for that would to either help with the malaria outbreak in Africa or help rebuild homes in New Orleans. If i go to college there, well then i killed two birds with one stone.
I don't know where this big ole' idea sprang up but I'm guessing it started with the last season of the Real World. I'm a Jimmie [sorry for the misspelling] and a McKenzie mixed. Like Mcjimenzie hybrid! I saw what they went through, those streets they walked and i couldn't help invisioning myself there. Or maybe it was Ellen. Which by the way, isn't this the most beautiful picture you've ever seen? I know its a long shot but I'm writing her asking if she'd write me a letter of  recommendation  for college. I doubt she gets ask that alot, and how cool would that be? To say that Ellen DeGeneres wrote you a college recommendation letter?

They won't be calling it The City that Care Forgot when I'm done!

 I'm apply to Tulane, Loyola New Orleans, Xavier, and University of New Orleans. Which have i mentioned how i love that most schools there have my major/possible majors?!!?!!! Anthropology does have a home!!! Even though i wish it was Paleontology or Archaeology. Anyway that's what my graduate degree is for.
But seriously, take me out on the town, take me to the 9th ward, let me hop on that trolley and stuff my face with crawdads; Bring me home New Orleans, Bring me home