Monday, October 25, 2010

Second Place.

Yesterday i went to Philadelphia, Philly. I sware that its one of the most amazing places i've been to. It might be the smelliest city but its one of the few places i could acutally see myself living. Philly= <3
Some one drum roll, pull out the ominese music because i'm about to build up suspense. Are you ready? I found my twin! Joey. Joey from Dawsons creek. You'll see me refer to this show alot. Because it is what i am. I'm joey. I'm the girls who guys are friends with but never date. Yet somehow it all sums up to this big romantic mess. Because i tell someone in paticular"Listen to me: If we are truly meant to be, then we will find our way back to each other". It's as simple as that. Because i'm too much of a joey to not scream it.
Another thing, joey had dawson. i dont have a dawson or a pacey. All i have is me. I dont have anything close to a dawson. And that scares me

All i know is I'm young. People tell me i have a whole life-time to live. But they dont remind you that you only have one life to live. And thats the part im focused on.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Middle Ground? I'll Pass.

I've never liked being in between. The middle isnt where i want to be. So this wishy-washy thing- Not cool. I dont like mixed signals; clarity please? If you're one way say it, if you're another please preach it. Cause when you say you're in the middle or you dont know; it changes my whole approach on you. And i dont like it.
I've always like keeping an open heart. The whole Blaintly honest, cut throat, straight to the point? Yea thats me. If i like you, i tell you. If i want something more [wink wink], i tell you. Whether i wanna be with you or if i straight up dont know; I tell you. But it's come apperant that not everyone is like that. And Good honest people never click with good honest people. We're paired with the unclear,stubborn,crazy people. Im not looking for a prince. Tarnished armor and a tired mule will be accepted. A twig instead of a sword and a heart instead of muscles are fine baby; just make me smile.

I love how my friends have thee best taste in music.One walks in just bopping they're head singing and another joins in and i fall in love.

So glad i came to school that day (:
I cant get enough of this band! Yes im probally late but if you're reading this and havent heard of them then i feel 10000X better. So now i can tell you to hurry up and read the rest of this and then go google/youtube/limewire...Whatever lol just listen, trust me!

Sometimes I wonder if it's better to keep a mouth shut instead of an open heart.

Cause it's weird how i can wanna be with you but you fustrate me so damn much. For one, you take forever to text me back-no bueno. You can be all flirty and junk but the second i say something really cute its like..Oh.. WTF! I'm not gettig my hopes up but soon i'm gonna give up. I always say that fate finds you when you're looking for someone else. Its so akward, and its what men do to me.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"What we have goes beyond friendship, beyond lovers -- its forever."

The path i've taken today; is one that i dont have the map for. I cant seem to figure out whether i turn or just stop.My life can just be sumed up by Dawson's creek. Because right now thats how i feel.

 "Look, im sorry if you miss the way i looked at you, but i dont miss the way you never looked at me."

I'm totally okay with things, the denial? Its bliss. But then when i think about it, when i look over at you, when i wonder if you're thinking about me, everytime u pass by and my heart skips then sinks in reality? I cant. I breakdown.  I shouldnt feel this way.

Monday, October 18, 2010

i just dont know about anything

You know whats the worst? Ill tell you.
First, Being so happy that you made someone regret not choosing you. But stepping back and actually being a human about it. And its like, why?

All photo credit, from now till forever: Google Image
The second being, that place in between where when you thought you were "just friends" with someone and it might be something more.Yea that not so small Fork in the road? It really needs to go meet a construction man and Re-evaluate its path.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Okay some one please tell me why men are so bipolar??!?!? If you wanna be "just friends" they why are u pressing me?!

Anyway the path i decided to take was the one who re-does assignments i did poorly on. Of Course decides not to work when its due tomorrow. Right it figures

All photoCredits: Google Images :)
Oh well. Mother fed me well today. Got my hair dye, for change its a start. Here's what i choosed:
Not much from my usal but still. 3 years ago i looked towards my senior year is the year to party, live my life. But i was mistaken. Is this where i hit the fork in the path??

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Current Vocal Points

Lately my head has been vexed on some sort of world that i cannot really get out of. The first being a first in itself. My first tattoo. I am in need of change and have a Craving for it.
For some odd reason i really need to get a feather. I would love this, maybe minus the birds on my left hip. Originally i wanted:

This on my lower back [TRAMP STAMP!] If you're not familiar with the bible story Adam and Eve- basically god told Adam and eve not to eat this forbidden fruit; the apple. The devil came as a serpent and convinced them to and that is why we have Heaven and hell. Its a symbol for my life, for the day-to-day temptation. but the feather has become my new calling. My mom hinted during the summer that i could get it done before my 18th birthday. Maybe an early Christmas present?

I'm one of those people who needs change. I'm so bored with life. Dying my hair platinum hopefully is a start [My hair is normally golden]

My main Focus is :
Yes college. My GPA has sunk way low and i have much ass kissing to do in an email I'm suppose to be sending Now. Florida State and Baylor are my Top 2. Paleontology or Archaeology major [PhD] Hopefully my bachelors in fashion design. If i don't get in I'm going to die.

Where's my Magic Genie? I want my 3 wishes.

Friday, October 15, 2010


A path does not spring up already made. The concrete needs to be laid.
With this blog I Heather;
-Promise that i will not always post daily but that i will always post
-Will stay as basis as i can
-Make an effort
-Will write even if know one is reading
-Reply and check out every blogger who takes the time to do the same for me
- Will keep it PG.....13 ;)

This blog is here for me to break my constant procrastination. I always say "Oh i'd love to...." and never do. Im almost 18! Its Time for me to make my life count, to make my life matter. So i write about things i want to do and make them happen. "Life is short" has been my motto but i spend my days inside soaking up the lastest facebook gossip. No more. These are the paths i take......