Saturday, October 23, 2010

Middle Ground? I'll Pass.

I've never liked being in between. The middle isnt where i want to be. So this wishy-washy thing- Not cool. I dont like mixed signals; clarity please? If you're one way say it, if you're another please preach it. Cause when you say you're in the middle or you dont know; it changes my whole approach on you. And i dont like it.
I've always like keeping an open heart. The whole Blaintly honest, cut throat, straight to the point? Yea thats me. If i like you, i tell you. If i want something more [wink wink], i tell you. Whether i wanna be with you or if i straight up dont know; I tell you. But it's come apperant that not everyone is like that. And Good honest people never click with good honest people. We're paired with the unclear,stubborn,crazy people. Im not looking for a prince. Tarnished armor and a tired mule will be accepted. A twig instead of a sword and a heart instead of muscles are fine baby; just make me smile.

I love how my friends have thee best taste in music.One walks in just bopping they're head singing and another joins in and i fall in love.

So glad i came to school that day (:
I cant get enough of this band! Yes im probally late but if you're reading this and havent heard of them then i feel 10000X better. So now i can tell you to hurry up and read the rest of this and then go google/youtube/limewire...Whatever lol just listen, trust me!

Sometimes I wonder if it's better to keep a mouth shut instead of an open heart.

Cause it's weird how i can wanna be with you but you fustrate me so damn much. For one, you take forever to text me back-no bueno. You can be all flirty and junk but the second i say something really cute its like..Oh.. WTF! I'm not gettig my hopes up but soon i'm gonna give up. I always say that fate finds you when you're looking for someone else. Its so akward, and its what men do to me.

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