Friday, October 15, 2010


A path does not spring up already made. The concrete needs to be laid.
With this blog I Heather;
-Promise that i will not always post daily but that i will always post
-Will stay as basis as i can
-Make an effort
-Will write even if know one is reading
-Reply and check out every blogger who takes the time to do the same for me
- Will keep it PG.....13 ;)

This blog is here for me to break my constant procrastination. I always say "Oh i'd love to...." and never do. Im almost 18! Its Time for me to make my life count, to make my life matter. So i write about things i want to do and make them happen. "Life is short" has been my motto but i spend my days inside soaking up the lastest facebook gossip. No more. These are the paths i take......

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