Saturday, October 16, 2010

Current Vocal Points

Lately my head has been vexed on some sort of world that i cannot really get out of. The first being a first in itself. My first tattoo. I am in need of change and have a Craving for it.
For some odd reason i really need to get a feather. I would love this, maybe minus the birds on my left hip. Originally i wanted:

This on my lower back [TRAMP STAMP!] If you're not familiar with the bible story Adam and Eve- basically god told Adam and eve not to eat this forbidden fruit; the apple. The devil came as a serpent and convinced them to and that is why we have Heaven and hell. Its a symbol for my life, for the day-to-day temptation. but the feather has become my new calling. My mom hinted during the summer that i could get it done before my 18th birthday. Maybe an early Christmas present?

I'm one of those people who needs change. I'm so bored with life. Dying my hair platinum hopefully is a start [My hair is normally golden]

My main Focus is :
Yes college. My GPA has sunk way low and i have much ass kissing to do in an email I'm suppose to be sending Now. Florida State and Baylor are my Top 2. Paleontology or Archaeology major [PhD] Hopefully my bachelors in fashion design. If i don't get in I'm going to die.

Where's my Magic Genie? I want my 3 wishes.

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